Kitties on film

It’s said that on your Hebrew birthday, you have the special power to bless and receive blessings. My Hebrew birthday continues through sundown on 2 December, the fifth day of Chanukah, so I’d once again like to bless all my readers that they should have a happy, healthy, successful holiday season and new year, and achieve whatever they want in the coming year.

Since I love cats, here are some of the cat pictures I took on my second and third trips to Israel, in February 2008 and February 2010. They’re like squirrels over there, everywhere you look. I’ve been told they’re often not treated very nicely by the locals, in comparison to how I’ve seen stray dogs treated really nicely.




These three were in Akko, a Medieval walled city near Haifa.



This kitty in the ancient ruined city of Beit She’an was one of the friendliest stray cats I’ve encountered in Israel. She repeatedly rolled over when I went to photograph her, trying to get me to pet her. The only reason I didn’t was because you never know what kinds of diseases they might have, esp. if they try to bite you.


This furry friend was in the gift shop for a ruined ancient synagogue in Beit Alfa.


The only head-on shot I got of a cat near my hotel in Yerushalayim while walking around one afternoon before Shabbos. This cat wasn’t too happy to discover s/he was being photographed, unlike some of the other cats I’ve photographed.




Found on the Wishing Bridge in the ancient city of Yafo, February 2010. Yafo was the original port city which Tel-Aviv started growing out of in 1909. These days, mostly Arabs and artists live there.




Found these friends in the Old City of Yerushalayim. I love the tuxedo cat with heterochromia.



This cat from the Old City was probably even friendlier than the cat who rolled over for me in Beit She’an two years earlier. She came right up to some of us who were sitting down, and let us pet her. The girl petting her in the picture had her bat mitzvah during our trip, at the overrated Masada.


Another Yerushalayim cat.


There turned out to be two of them!



More doubles!


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