WeWriWa—Cinni Meets Levy

Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. This is part of a scene reworking in progress, currently positioned in the fourth book of my Max’s House series (working title The Start of AS), but also going to be included, with more details, in my upcoming radical rewrite and restructuring of Saga I of my magnum opus Cinnimin.

Young Cinni has just met her future husband and love of her life, Levon Kevorkian, in May 1942. She’s trying to convince him to let her call him Levy, and during the course of this first conversation, she’s slowly found herself a bit more taken with him. Unfortunately, her head isn’t in a very good place right now, and she still wants to see if she can have a rebound relationship with her backup Todd. Their second encounter, in the school cafeteria the next day, is a complete mess, and Levon feels extremely set-back at ever regaining her good graces.


“You’re pretty eloquent,” Cinnimin said, feeling his dark eyes burning a hole in her soul. “But everyone needs a nickname.  Don’t you think Levy is a cute nickname?”

Levon finally nodded, hoping “eloquent” was a positive word.  Now that the ice was broken, he figured it couldn’t hurt to ask a slightly personal question.

“You have boyfriend?”

Cinnimin quickly stood up, her heart racing. “I’m sorry, I must leave.”


I’m thinking next week I might switch things up and go to Fereydan, Iran in 1941.

P.S.:  Sunday night, the 5th night of Chanukah, my Hebrew birthday begins. It’s said that on your Hebrew birthday, you have the special power to give and receive blessings. I’d like to bless all my readers that you should have a happy, successful, healthy holiday season and new year, and achieve whatever it is you most want.


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