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What I’m Writing

I wrote my paper on the changing role of research and academic libraries, switching from Didot to Baskerville to keep to the five pages asked for while still fitting in everything I wanted to say. The footnotes were left in 10-point Didot. It’s a lovely typeface, and I’d like to use it for some future paper. I’ve also got two other small papers to do for Records Management.

I’m up to 531,100 words in my WIP, and decided to reign in Chapter 67 while it was still mid-length (by my standards, 7000s), and use the rest of the planned material in a new chapter. Chapter 68 covers April-June 1942, and is called “Homefront Services and Sacrifices.” Time to research the details and timeline of rationing, victory gardens, women’s factory work, and women’s auxiliary military services.

What I’m Reading

Once again, I’ve only really had time to read journal articles for my classes.

What Inspires Me

25 November was my 22nd anniversary of starting my first Atlantic City book, the beyond-embarrassing Proud to Be a Smart. Even if the writing was bad, the characters weren’t quite there yet, and the storylines were ridiculous, there was something special there. The original members of that first generation and I literally grew up together. I’ve known them since we were eleven years old.

I’m glad I never “moved on” from these characters and stories I hatched when I was just a preteen. Staying with them so long has done wonders for their growth and development. The way I write them now is the way you can only write someone you’ve known for 0ver 20 years. And when I edit, revise, and rewrite the older drafts that were worth salvaging, I know how to correct inconsistent or out of character actions.

What Else I’ve Been Up To

My professor for Organization of Information came to me after class last week to say how impressed she was by my portfolio, which ran to over 70 pages. She said it was “almost too good,” and praised my attention to detail and all the personal examples, opinions, and critical analyses. And to think I put off the majority of that portfolio, two months of work, till about a week before the due date!

I also got an 8 out of 8 on the paper about information-seeking behaviour. I wrote about how I researched American tourism to Iran and how to go about visiting both Israel and Iran without getting into trouble. (You need two passports if you want to visit both within the same period.) She said I can use her for a recommendation when I formally apply to the program. And to think this started off as my most boring class!

Apparently my new roommate’s parents, whom I’ve never met, really approve of me. She said she was Skyping with them one night, and they saw my records behind her. The one that’s propped up at the moment is Seven and the Ragged Tiger (whose 30th birthday was 20 November), and it turns out they’re fellow Duranies. They told her I obviously have awesome taste in music. Sometimes it pays to not have current tastes!


Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and coconut curry tempeh slices. Tempeh is one of the best foods I’ve ever discovered. It’s so much easier (at least outside of some small towns) to be a vegan or stricter vegetarian than it was even ten years ago. At the moment, I’m primarily eating an ovo vegetarian diet, with very limited dairy products.


Hadn’t taken a family picture in awhile. Keith is the dog, and the two Pound Purries on top of Simon are John and Paul. John is the grey cat with a few missing whiskers and a missing mouth, and Paul is the little caramel-coloured guy. I know I got John second-hand in 1993, but I can’t remember the circumstances of getting Paul. I want to say he was secondhand too.

Stuffed animal meme


Davy with his twin sister Davina. Hard to believe they’re the same age, twenty-five. It’s obvious which one I love more!

2013-11-26 20.24.16

2013-11-26 20.23.55

I found this mug when I was at the Christmas Tree Shops with my crazy ex-roommate back in September. I generously offered to buy her the Libra mug (since she felt $2.99 was out of budget), but she declined. When I told my mother this woman is a Libra, she said she resented that and didn’t feel my roommate were a calm, balanced fellow Libra at all!

Tea is my hot beverage of choice. Never got a taste for coffee, and only drank it five times in my life—on my 13th birthday in 1992, twice when I accidentally hit the wrong button on a hot water machine and didn’t want to waste it, when I was hosted by Bedouins in the Negev, and when I was hosted by Druze in Haifa. The last two times, I didn’t want to offend my lovely hosts by refusing. I recently found out the Brummie branch of my family tree wasn’t British British, but recent immigrants from Germany, though I still choose to attribute my love of tea in part to having a little British blood.

Must head over to Teavana soon for some of their awesome loose or blooming tea!

Finally, Chanukah begins Wednesday night. My Hebrew birthday is the 5th night, regarded as the holiest, most special night.

6 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Named after my favorite bands – funny!
    Glad your roommate’s parents approve of you.
    And there’s something cool about being with the same characters for so long. Byron has been with me for over thirty-five years now. It’s odd to be outlining a story that has nothing to do with him.


  2. I’m a tea drinker too because I’m just that English 😉

    Out of curiosity, how long do your chapters tend to be in your EPIC book? Seriously, if anyone gets to refer to their book as epic, it’s you!


    1. For a book of this scope, short is usually in the 4000/5000 range, though I’ve had a few recently that were only in the 2000s. A mid-length chapter is in the 7000/8000 range, and long is over 10,000 words. Longest chapter I’ve written was “Union with a Snake” in my second Russian novel, a bit over 17,000 words written over the course of three days.


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