Adopt a Senior Pet Month


Hey everyone, Davy here to remind you that November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. I know I look really old and worn on the outside, but that’s what happens to well-loved companions when they’re 25 years old. My mommy loves me more than any of her other animal friends, because I’m so old and we’ve been through a lot together, but many other senior pets aren’t so lucky. Their owners throw them away just because they’re old.

Being old is no reason to abandon a loyal friend. The heart of an animal still has a great capacity for love and loyalty, and a pet would never abandon an owner simply for being old or sick. We don’t need any house training, and our personalities are already established. All we want is the love of a human to take care of us until it’s time to leave this old body behind.

Young animals get adopted much quicker than seniors, which isn’t fair. Elder animals deserve love and attention too, particularly since we deserve a nice home to spend our twilight years in. Because I’m so old, I can’t really be played with anymore, but my mommy still gives me gentle cuddles and attention. I spend my days tucked up warm in bed. My giant frog brother Simon watches me while my mommy is away.

We get better with age, and in the little time we have left, we’ll always appreciate what you did for us. Even if we might not see, hear, or move as well as we used to, our love will be just as sincere and powerful as a younger animal’s.

There are lots of other animals I’ve shared my home and bed with over the years, but I’ll always be loved best.


2 thoughts on “Adopt a Senior Pet Month

  1. We adopted an 8 year old cat that our vet said “was on her last leg.” We hope to give her a few months of love and were rewarded with five wonderful years of joy. An older pet is much easier to care for and far calmer.


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