Veterans’ Day picture tribute


In honour of Veterans’ Day, here are some of the pictures I’ve taken of the various memorials around the Empire State Plaza in downtown Albany. I haven’t gone downtown nearly so often since I’ve gotten a car, since parking is pretty bad and it’s hard to get in and out, with all the one-way streets and the risk of peak traffic hours.

This one’s on a traffic island a short walk aways from the State Capitol. The Spanish-American War is such a forgotten war.

This is part of the fairly new memorial to women veterans, a stone’s throw away from the Korean War Memorial and fountain.

The Korean War Memorial fountain.

So depressing how many of these metal panels there are in the Vietnam Memorial garden, full of names of the fallen.

Rev. Poling served a church in nearby Schenectady. All four of them were the epitome of heroism and selflessness.

The little memorial to the Four Chaplains is close to the fairly new (2002) World War II memorial. The first time I went there and took pictures, it was November, so the sky was overcast and the fountain wasn’t turned on. I know I’ve been back in nicer weather, but the more flattering pictures I thought I took aren’t anywhere in my massive photo roll. Maybe this spring or summer I’ll drive down, find a free spot on Madison a block or two away, and redocument it.

Around the fountain are the names of the major places and battles of World War II, along with a timeline along the walls around it. One side is the Pacific Theatre, and the other side is the European Theatre. I believe they even named some places and battles often overlooked in the history books and war movies because they were part of lesser-represented campaigns, like China-India-Burma.

“For your tomorrow they gave their today.”

The flags representing the various branches of the military involved in World War II. There’s also a natural stone bench around the perimeter, paying tribute to Gold Star mothers, the Marines, the Coast Guard, and a few other groups involved in the war. The building in the background is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, one of Albany’s oldest buildings left standing. It’s shameful how so many historic buildings were torn down to make parking lots, high-rises, and roads in this city.


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