From the Great Beyond Blog Hop and What’s Up Wednesday

My Horny Hump Day post is here.

Great Beyond

Roland Yeomans, in conjunction with Tara Tyler, Angela Brown, and Gwen Gardner, is hosting the From the Great Beyond Blog Hop. Participants will share which famous writer or celebrity they’d like to contact in a séance, why they chose the person, and what they’d say. Winners will be announced on Halloween, my favouritest day of the year besides Yom Kippur. Prizes include the hosts’ books and some autographed posters from Roland.

Since I live and breathe historical, and have really dinosaur tastes in entertainment, almost all of the people I love and admire are deceased. There are so many great people to choose from on my favourites list, but these are the toppermost of my poppermost.

laurel and hardy photo: laurel and hardy hardy.jpg

My darling Stan and Ollie, whom I’ve loved for 17 years this July. I never could’ve gotten through my junior year of high school without their sweet faces and lovable antics to look forward to at 11:30 AM on Saturdays on AMC (before AMC totally jumped the shark), and sometimes a few other times during the week. These dear clown prince angels put their loving arms around my weeping heart. The love I have for them was forged in fire, and even after that year is far in the past, my love is still strong. I still remember how sad I was when I found out they’d both died some time ago and how old they’d really been in these shorts I loved so much.

It wasn’t a big surprise to learn they were just as kind, sweet, and generous off-camera, and that they were closer than brothers. They were also very good to their fans, and Stan, who outlived Ollie (whose real-life nickname was Babe), granted tours of his house, kept his number in the phonebook, and wrote back to everyone who wrote a fan letter till his final illness. Such a sweet, sweet person. If I met them, I would say simply, “Thank you. I love you. I’ll love you until there’s no more breath in my body. You’ve never really died, since you’re still making people laugh.”


What I’m Writing

Now past the 520,000-word mark in my WIP, Journey Through a Dark Forest: Lyuba and Ivan in the Age of Anxiety, Chapter 66, “Answering the Call.” This’ll cover January-June 1942, as six of my characters go into the service, and a seventh (a minor character based on my dysfunctional, emotionally crippled ex) is forced to go. His Harpy mommy can spend some time what-whating it up from prison for treason when she tries to protest his being drafted!

Still hoping to finish up within 600,000 words. If the final length exceeds that, I’ll consider putting it out as either four or two volumes, making clear they’re merely installments of the same book.

What I’m Reading

My primary focus is on class readings.

What Inspires Me

The ending of one of the most haunting, unforgettable books I’ve ever read (which shall go unnamed to avoid spoiling it for anyone). I read this book over a decade ago, and I still remember so much of it in brutal, painful detail. When my ex-roommate freaked out at me yet again the day before Yom Kippur, it triggered something in me and I became terrified of being around her again, esp. alone. And the next time she came over a few days later and I had my panic attack, I had a full-on body memory and felt like I were back at Hackett, this scared 14-year-old being bullied and dominated. I never want to lose my voice like that again.

….The voice lost in a faraway village church had found me again and filled the whole room. I spoke loudly and incessantly like the peasants and then like the city folk, as fast as I could, enraptured by the sounds that were heavy with meaning, as wet snow is heavy with water, convincing myself again and again and again that speech was now mine and that it did not intend to escape through the door which opened onto the balcony.

What Else I’m Up To

Enjoying the last week of my blessèd aloneness, before my new roommate moves in. I’m having a great time cooking and preparing my own meals, buying my own food, decorating, everything. I can’t wait to buy a microwave and another bookshelf, and something for my records.



I had to get these beautiful red radishes when I saw them at Hannaford. I’ve always loved radishes. When I made pirogi on Tuesday, I had a salad with my radishes, spinach, and Romaine lettuce.


I just had to get this cute little guy when I saw him in the Halloween aisle at the nearest Price Chopper before Shabbos. I love Halloween, bats, and stuffed animals. He also reminds me very much of a Popple. As an Eighties kid, I had a number of Popples! His name is Batty, and he’s so soft and cuddly.



I finally sewed up the rip in Simon’s side seam, coincidentally on his namesake’s birthday. It only took maybe 20 minutes, and he was across my lap the entire time. I’ll probably never be a vet as I used to dream of, but performing stuffed animal surgery is good enough. He was an early Chanukah present in 2011, and love at first sight (though I didn’t name him for probably at least 6 months). If only I could repair beaten-up Davy so quickly and easily, after 25 years of love.


22 thoughts on “From the Great Beyond Blog Hop and What’s Up Wednesday

  1. ohmygosh – I love the bat! I would’ve snatched that up too! And I SO hope your new roommate situation is a good one. Have a great week!


  2. I hear you on the class readings. I hear you. Also sympathizing in general with the words “blessed aloneness,” though I am fortunate to live with very wonderful people at this time.

    I’m new to What’s Up Wednesday–nice to meet you!


  3. What an incredibly unusual choice. I LOVED too, as a kid. Your sincerity and passion for these departed souls is very endearing. Sounds like a very special relationship. I can understand your feelings. Many of us bond with departed stars and wish they were still here with us.


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