WeWriWa—Cinni Meets Levy

Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. This is part of a scene reworking in progress, currently positioned in the fourth book of my Max’s House series (working title The Start of AS), but also going to be included, with more details, in my upcoming radical rewrite and restructuring of Saga I of my magnum opus Cinnimin.

It’s May 1942, and young Levon has just come to America with his two siblings. Shortly after they arrived at the home of their host, Levon asked to be introduced to one of the visitors. He’s immediately taken with Cinnimin, but she’s not quite so warmed-up. When he’s unable to answer her simple question of whether he speaks English, he doesn’t do much to help her lukewarm first reception.


Levon’s tongue was like lead.  He tried to nod, but found his head immobilized too.

“Yes, boy?  You wanna talk to me?  I don’t read minds.”

He managed to open his mouth, but nothing came out, too paralyzed by intimidation by this pretty American girl.

“Well, can you speak English or not?  You scared of me, boy?”


P.S.: Happy 55th birthday to my giant stuffed frog’s namesake! It’s also the 80th birthday of my character Irina Koneva.


7 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Cinni Meets Levy

    • I think that’s just part of her rough around the edges, often domineering personality. One of her later nicknames for him is “Vratsa boy,” referring to his native city in Bulgaria.


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