Butterman Travel, Inc., Book Your Time Trip Today Blogfest

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Butterman cover

To celebrate the cover reveal of her book Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc., PK Hrezo is hosting a blogfest in the theme of her soon-to-be-published book. The book releases 12 November, or 11-12-13 in the U.S. dating system. Besides her blog, you can also find PK at Down the Rabbit Hole, Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook. For the blogfest, participants are asked to share where, when, and why they’d book a trip backwards or forwards in time.


I would first go back to early 1984, Pittsburgh, the first time I went to a computer store with my father. I don’t have a very detailed memory of this, since I was only four years old, but I remember the awe and wonder I felt at seeing and playing with a computer for the very first time. It was the original 128K Mac, OS 1.0. My father and I can honestly say we’ve been with the Mac from the very beginning, through each and every operating system!

Then I would move ahead to September 1993 for one more experience with my family’s first computer, our dear little 152K Mac. For just that month, I had it in my room as my own computer, until it short-circuited. That computer was treated like a member of our family, and always came with us when we visited Pennsylvania. For years, it was the most expensive thing we owned. My mother was horrified that my father spent about $2,000 on it, but it served us well for nine years and paid for itself.

My family didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up, and my parents didn’t have $10,000 in the bank at one time until I was maybe fifteen. But even with our limited finances, it was so important for my father to buy us a computer. We had a computer long before most people I know had them. It would be so nice to spend one more day using MacWriteII in its earlier version, playing The Manhole in its original, glorious, surreal black and white, playing one of the math, maze, or matching games (also all in black and white), playing around with the sound effects, watching it start up, with that comforting “Welcome to Macintosh” screen. At one point, my father programmed it to play “We are the Knights Who Say ‘Ni’!” as it was starting up.

It would be a blast to use MacPaint again, or to play with Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, Puppy Love, Alice in Wonderland, any of the awesome black and white games that enhanced my childhood. I’ve actually been browsing both 1984 and 1993 Macs on eBay for awhile, hoping to buy back both of the computers I grew up with. They might be simpler than modern machines, but that’s part of their charm. I even made part of the dedication in my first Russian novel to the ’84 Mac, the machine I began writing it on over 20 years ago. A part of that computer will always live on in the remaining original material of the first six chapters.

If I were booking a trip to the future, I’d want to look ahead 20 years to reassure myself that someday I’ll have a Samuel in real life, not just imagination and recurring dreams. It doesn’t matter if I’m a single mom by choice or find another man eventually, or if I have an only child or somehow am still able to have the large family I used to dream about. I want to believe I’ll be rewarded with my Samuel, just as my namesake Chana was rewarded with Samuel the Prophet when she pleaded from her soul for a child.

12 thoughts on “Butterman Travel, Inc., Book Your Time Trip Today Blogfest

  1. That is so cool. I am a Mac girl, too and had the same system. My dad was into technology marketing, so we had a lot of early versions of computers around the house to try out. Mac was always the most user friendly. Cool times to visit.


  2. We had an Apple IIC that looked a lot like the one in your pic. I used to play Lemonade Stand on it. Was such a boring game, but the fact it was on the computer made it cool. My mom loved that computer. Then Windows came along and rocked her world. lol

    I have a Samuel. My son, and first born, is named Samuel, because like Hannah, my prayers for a child were answered. 🙂

    Thank you so much for participating today, Carrie-Anne! Glad you could share the day!


  3. What lovely memories. I never had a computer growing up… They didn’t really come out until I had graduated college around that same time period. I do remember my first HP laptop in 2000. I didn’t do much with it, but I had it for seven years. When it died I bough my first Macbook… I am in love with MAC! I just recently bought a 15 inch with retina display and I absolutely LOVE IT! So I can totally understand why you have such a fondness for mac…


  4. Fun stuff. (So sorry I missed this blogfest, but I’m busy with other stuff lately.)

    I’ve never really been an Apple/Mac person, though I do love my iPhone 4. Our first home computer was a TRS-80, I used Commodore 64s at school, and remember talking with friends when we heard about PCs coming out. 640k of memory! Whatever would you use it all for? 😉


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