WeWriWa—Cinni Meets Levy

Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. I’m changing things up this week and going back to my Atlantic City characters. This particular scene was originally handwritten as a flashback about 1997, then expanded a slight bit when typing it out, in a different book, about 1999. Now that I finally have access to all my old files again, I’m sporadically going back to edit, revise, rewrite, and polish them. This scene reflects that later writing maturity, and is taking shape to be much stronger than it was when I wrote it in my late teens.

It currently takes place during the beginning pages of my fourth Max’s House book (working title The Start of AS), but will also be included (obviously with more details!) in my upcoming drastic rewrite and restructuring of Saga I of my magnum opus Cinnimin. It’s 5 May 1942, and Cinni has come over to visit her friend Elaine. Her mind is in a maelstrom right now, but little does she know that she’s about to meet the love of her life, and that he’s neither of the two guys she’s pining after now.


Cinnimin sat silently.  She had just seen Barry and Jet kissing for the first time.  And after Jet had gone, she’d gotten the “I love you but you’re not Jewish so we have no future together because I care about the future and what my children will be raised as” spiel she wished to hear no more of.  Barry had been shut out of her heart forever.  He no longer existed.  She was back to chasing Todd.  At least he would give her a straight answer if she cornered him instead of playing mind games!

“I’m trying to figure out if Todd really wants me for a girlfriend, or if he just wants to be friends since I hesitated so long.”


6 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Cinni Meets Levy

    • She’s definitely confused, after about a year and a half of her on-and-off, increasingly less secret relationship with the slightly older Barry. Barry was too afraid of his mother’s threats to sit shiva for him, and chose the first Jewish girl who came along after he finally made up his mind. Jet is boring, unpassionate, unquestioning of the social order, and socially safe, but theirs is never a true love relationship.


  1. Wow . . . Yeah, there has to be a better choice than Barry out there, and if Todd has let himself be chased for such a long time, he may be no prize either. Can’t wait to meet contestant #3! 😀


  2. Intriguing. I like books that tackle the burdens that religions place on lovers. It’s not so prevalent in the western world, now. When my mom passed away, my daughter got her journals. It was 3 years ago. My mom was 83 when she passed. In them she wrote that she wondered if her mom and dad had ever forgiven her for marrying a Catholic. She was raised Methodist. It used to be such a huge step, a huge decision, to break away from a faith for the sake of love. Good 8! 🙂


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