PonyFest 2013

Rebecca Enzor is hosting PonyFest again, and I’m entering on the final day. I had planned to enter earlier, but forgot about the time with grad school and the current roommate drama.

Here are three of the girls from The Strongest Branches of Uprooted Trees.

Csilla's Pony

Csilla Bergman, the third-oldest character and oldest of the nine teen characters. Very sturdy, businesslike, professional, serious, not very girly, devoted to her two friends Aranka and Klaudia, whom she survived the camps with. She’s got dark blonde hair and is a bit on the tall side for a girl.

Klaudia Pony

Klaudia Buchsbaum, whom I imagine looking a bit like a moviestar of the Forties, with a bit of a Persian/Middle Eastern look to her. She’s got a curvy, womanly body, and was so proud when she started getting her womanly body back after the liberation. Of all the girls in the cast, she’s the first to start having sex, with her complex fiancé Kálmán Rein.

Marie's Pony

Sweet little Marie Zénobie Sternglass, the token French girl. Marie’s main character trait is how sweet, innocent, and naïve she is, even after everything she’s survived. She has a rather childlike mentality, but not so much so she’s afraid to eventually make the first move with Artur Sklar, the guy who’s in love with her but afraid to confess his feelings.

One-line description of The Strongest Branches of Uprooted Trees:

During the early postliberation years, nine teens and two twentysomethings travel across Germany, Hungary, Italy, and France, as they relearn how to be a part of the human race and adjust to normal life, all while feeling pulled in competing directions for America and Israel.


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