WeWriWa—Velira’s Birthday Wish

Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. I’m currently sharing from my current WIP, Journey Through a Dark Forest, Chapter 39, “Velira’s Birthday Wish.” It’s September 1937 in Isfahan, Iran, and the orphanage co-director’s niece is turning three years old. One-third of her birthday wish came true when she found the father she hasn’t seen in four months.

Back at the orphanage, Velira’s father and his former prince friend were greeted suspiciously by Manzura, a young Tajik girl appointed as interpreter because of the similarity between Persian and Tajik. The prince has tried to put her mind at ease and called her out for being so suspicious.


Manzura runs into the courtyard to get Ínna and Mrs. Brézhneva.  Ínna comes out half-expecting Velira to have randomly seen some man who didn’t look Persian and decided he was her father.  It’s just the type of thing children of that age are prone to do.  At least he had the decency and common sense to have returned her.

“Vítya?” she gasps. “Is that really you?”

“Who else could it be?” He sets Velira down and rushes to hug his sister.


11 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Velira’s Birthday Wish

  1. The possibility that she was mistaken was my worry, too—I’m so glad it all worked out! You might put your characters through a lot of terrible stuff (to your credit, because that makes good stories), but you don’t stint on the happy endings! 🙂


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