Wordles Showcase

Last year I discovered Wordles, which you can create for books, chapters, papers, poems, blog posts, just about anything. Here are a couple of the Wordles I’ve made for some of my books:

AAAA Wordle

Almost As an Afterthought: The First Six Months of 1941, the currently novelette-sized fourth and final installment in my chronologically earliest Atlantic City series.

Adicia's Wordle

Little Ragdoll, my contemporary historical Bildungsroman set from 1959-74. I really like this font and the colouring, since it seems very fitting with the themes of the story, the characters, and the poor/working-class Manhattan setting.

MH #1 Wordle

The current third-ish draft of the first of my Max’s House books. It needs a fair bit of revision and rewriting, so it’s entirely possible a later Wordle might be a little different.

TVF Wordle

The Very First, the chronological first of my Atlantic City books. The font looks very much like my belovèd Palatino. I’m still proud of myself for having turned a 38,000-word mess into a 60,000-word actual story. I had to junk the original Part I, working in some pertinent aspects, and basically write mostly new scenes and chapters to pad out what could be saved or reworked from the original Part II.

Jakob's Final Wordle

The fourth and final Wordle I created for And Jakob Flew the Fiend Away, my WWII Bildungsroman.

Jakob Book Two Wordle

And the Lark Arose from Sullen Earth, my second volume about Jakob, covering his first year in America and first official year of marriage.

Swan Wordle

You Cannot Kill a Swan: The Love Story of Lyuba and Ivan, my first Russian historical novel. I still haven’t found a replacement name for Basil, one of the secondary antagonists. I can’t use Vasiliy, since that name is already taken by Ivan’s much-younger cousin, a really sympathetic character and soon to enter the Army in the third book. Since I’m an incurable name nerd, I know I’ll eventually think of something.

The 12th Time Wordle

The Twelfth Time: Lyuba and Ivan on the Rocks, my second Russian/North American historical novel.


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