More Than Just a Kiss Blogfest, crafty stuff, and lace anniversary

More Than

Cecilia Robert and Christine Rains are hosting the More Than Just a Kiss Blogfest from 9-15 September, which they’re judging with Laurelin Paige and Kyra Lennon. A number of prizes will be given. Full rules and list of prizes are available by clicking on any of the above links.

I’m using part of a scene I used in another blogfest last year. It’s from my Bildungsroman And Jakob Flew the Fiend Away, Part IV, “And Jakob Loved Rachel,” Chapter 20, “Heat Beneath His Winter.” (Bonus points to anyone who knows the song I got the chapter title from!) It’s May 1945, and young soldier Jakob has finally got up the nerve to kiss his dream girl. They first met a year and a half ago, but he thought he’d lost her forever when he found out she was sent to Westerbork. While on a brief relief mission at the newly-liberated Westerbork, they met again, and began a deep friendship that turns into romance.


He knew it was now or never.  That night, as they were counting stars, Jakob slipped his violently shaking arm around her and pulled her towards him, then wrapped his other arm around her, leaned down to her height, and kissed her.  Rachel seemed to sense that he didn’t really know what he was doing, and he gratefully let her take over and teach him.  He let his mouth become soft, pliant, and passive against hers as she demonstrated the techniques she liked.  After awhile, he became emboldened enough to try imitating her, while still letting her lead.  His only active role was running his hands through her hair and along her face.  He was burning with desire to touch a lot more than just her hair and face, but he knew respectable people never went from nothing to everything overnight.

His whole body was shaking when he finally released her and gazed into her eyes. “I love you,” he blurted out.

Before Rachel had time to respond, he pulled her back into his arms and began kissing her again.  Once more he let her dominate him, glad at least one of them knew how to kiss properly.  There were so many different factors that had to come together in just the right way, but there was no time to think them all through in the heat of the moment.  As jealous as he was of her prior boyfriends, he was glad she had experience.

Express Sept

It’s been awhile since I participated in the Express Yourself weekly meme, as I had a bunch of posts I wanted to move out of my drafts folder during the summer lull.

For almost 25 years, I’ve been cross-stitching and embroidering. I also know how to make simple quilts and dolls, though I never figured out how to work a sewing machine. It takes at least twice as long to sew a quilt or mend something by hand!

Just a small sampling of my projects:

 photo DSC00217.jpg

My first cross-stitch, maybe 1989.

 photo DSC04101.jpg

I had to reconstruct a lot of this from educated guesswork and observation of patterns, since many of the stamped stitches had become faded from age. I last worked on it in 1996, when my family moved, and it was about 10 years before I finally picked it up again.

 photo DSC03522.jpg

I made a few mistakes on this, but hopefully no one will notice.

 photo DSC04183.jpg

A cute little project that was in one of my sewing baskets for years but never done.

 photo DSC03521.jpg

My mother began this in ’88 as a gift for her parents, after my uncle died, but never finished it. She gave it to me to finish in 2006. She made a few mistakes with colours, but I worked around them as best I could. It’s now hanging in a frame on my grandparents’ wall.


9 September is a very special day for me because it’s my lace (13th) anniversary with my first Who album, Tommy. I actually bought it on 7 September 2000 (not knowing at the time that it was Moonie’s Jahrzeit) and played the first few songs the next night, but didn’t play it all the way through till 9 September. It took me awhile to get used to it, but once it had become a familiar friend, I was insatiably hungry for more. I’ll always fondly remember my junior year of university as when I became a serious Who freak. Within a year, I had all their studio albums plus a few extras.

Here’s to 13 more years, and even more returns, with the album that started it all!

18 thoughts on “More Than Just a Kiss Blogfest, crafty stuff, and lace anniversary

  1. I loved this excerpt, Carrie Anne. Whew, brought back memories (old memories) and I think that’s what makes this so perfect. Almost every reader can relate to not knowing how to (romantically) kiss at least once in their lives. The whole excerpt is a sweet, little scene!


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  4. Aw… I adore this kissing Scene. 🙂 especially when the guy lets the Lady lead the way. Just Shows so much trust, something which isn’t very easily given. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this Scene, and for taking part in the blogfest. 🙂


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