Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. I’m currently sharing from my current WIP, Journey Through a Dark Forest, Chapter 39, “Velira’s Birthday Wish.” It’s September 1937 in Isfahan, Iran, and the orphanage co-director’s niece is turning three years old. She, her aunt, the old orphanage mother who raised her father and aunt, and some of the orphanage children and workers escaped Kyiv with false travel visas for Georgia in the spring. The ship’s captain, an expert smuggler, took them to Iran instead.

Velira has gone outside to play in the courtyard by herself after making her birthday wish. When she saw a snake, she climbed a tree and is now sitting on top of the ledge around the yard. As she’s watching the people going to and from the bazaar, she makes a very exciting discovery.


As she’s people-watching, Velira catches sight of a very tall, lanky man in the crowd.  He’s clearly not Persian, with his pale skin, small nose, and soft brown hair.  At first she wonders if it’s Prince Arkásha.  Then she excitedly puts her hands over her mouth.  A few seconds later, she lets out a loud shriek and shimmies down the other side of the wall, still keeping her doll tucked tightly under her arm.

Velira begins running after the man, calling for him as loudly as she can.  She follows him all the way to the bazaar and loses sight of him for a few minutes.  Not understanding enough Persian to know if anyone’s speaking to her, she weaves her way among the shoppers and merchants.

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