WeWriWa—Irene and Amelia Redecorate Their Room

Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. This weekend I’m taking a little detour to the Eighties in honour of Duran Duran Appreciation Day, which is a real holiday on 10 August. If you have the time and interest, you can read yesterday’s post for Sweet Saturday Samples, where I briefly explained the history behind the date chosen and shared a longer excerpt from Justine Grown Up. It’s a hiatused WIP set from 1979-84 in Upstate New York, a contemporary historical retelling of sorts of Margaret Sidney’s Phronsie Pepper, the final book in the hugely popular Five Little Peppers series.

Today’s snippet comes a bit before Saturday’s, when Justine’s nieces explained why they chose their favorite bandmembers. Justine has just come to teenage Irene and Amelia’s room for the first time since they redecorated, in early 1983, and has to be told by her nieces who the people in their wall-to-wall posters are. She’s admitted she doesn’t have MTV and doesn’t even follow the news much anymore, since she’s so busy with grad school.

Her nieces repeatedly reassure her that they’re still the serious, nonconformist girls they’ve always been, and that, unlike most of their classmates, they’re not only into the band for their looks. Thirteen-year-old Amelia speaks first.


“You’ve really fallen behind the times.  You were the first one to tell us about New Romantic music and fashion, and now you don’t even know about some of the most famous adherents.  This is Duran Duran, from Birmingham, England.  We just got into them a few months ago, but they’ve been around for a few years.  All the girls at school like them too, including Nessa.  Even little Simone likes them, though not for the mature reasons we do.”

Justine smiles and nods politely as the girls take turns telling her about each member of the band in minute detail, along with a recitation of song titles, chart positions, magazine articles, and media appearances.  This kind of thing seems so unlike her nonconformist nieces, but even the most unconventional teen girl has to have a celebrity crush sometime.


10 thoughts on “WeWriWa—Irene and Amelia Redecorate Their Room

  1. Ah, Duran Duran…I’m a child of the eighties : ) That Simon LeBon!!! Is Amelia uber educated? Her dialogue doesn’t make me think of a 13-year old…the word adherents coming from a kid sounds very strange to my ears.


  2. Isn’t it a revelation about life, after we become young adults and realize for the first time that there is a younger group of people who are cooler, more up on the now-n-happening things? It’s kind of like our first glimmer of not having the world revolve around us.

    I recall when my niece (13 years younger than me) explained what were the most important (trending) things in the world. lol.

    Oh, I’m glad Millie asked. I wondered the same thing. It makes perfect sense now. Sometimes it’s hard to judge with only 8 sentences. 🙂

    Good 8!


  3. Ah – teen crushes. I remember those. 🙂 Duran Duran was wildly popular in their day. My early heartthrobs were The Beatles and The Monkees. (Oops – dating myself here; yes, old! LOL) Great excerpt!


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