A to Z Reflections Post

A-Z 2013

Now that the A to Z Challenge is over for another year, it’s time for participants to write about their experience—what they liked, what they didn’t like, positive discoveries, negative discoveries, how the Challenge could be better next year, how they handled it, etc. Participants have until 9 May to write this post and link to it on the main site.

I discovered a lot of interesting new book and writing blogs, and was very glad the list was organized by categories this year. I also didn’t really encounter the hated captchas on any of the blogs I commented on. This year I was very proud to keep all of my posts under 1,000 words, and that I even edited a few posts for length before they went live. I’ll never be the type of person whose average post is all of 300 words, but at least I’m no longer routinely writing posts between 1,000-1,600 words!

I was kind of surprised at how many people didn’t schedule their posts in advance, and so bowed out early or had a hard time coming up with topics on some days. I wrote all of my posts before April except T and X, though originally I had written a T post but decided, as the month wore on, to use something different. I’d like to move the first T post out of my drafts folder eventually!

While clicking through the list, I found a number of blogs that never started the Challenge, as well as blogs that stopped early. With over a thousand people on the list, I suppose it was hard to cull it down to only the active participants. I was also a bit disappointed that a number of bloggers never returned visits. I’m not necessarily expecting a return visit on that very day, since I didn’t always get to return visits on the same day, but it seems kind of contrary to the spirit of the Challenge to never reciprocate with the other participants.

My stats (including links to each post, and not including my own replies to comments):

Allen and Lenore’s Romance (American Typewriter) had 22 hits and 10 comments.

Brouhaha at the Buffet (Bookman) had 13 hits and 5 comments.

Crossing the Point of No Return (Calisto MT) had 25 hits and 7 comments.

Daphne and Rózsika (Didot) had 15 hits and 6 comments.

Ellis Island (Euphemia) had 24 hits and 8 comments.

Facing the Music in Minnesota (Footlight MT Light) had 13 hits and 3 comments.

Goodbye to the Motherland (Georgia) had 19 hits and 7 comments.

High Holy Days (Helvetica) had 9 hits and 4 comments.

Ins and Outs of Prohibition (Imprint MT Shadow) had 10 hits and 4 comments.

Jakob’s Leap of Faith (Janson) had 14 hits and 6 comments.

Katrin Discovers Anastasiya’s Secret (King) had 12 hits and 4 comments.

Lyuba Hits Rock Bottom (Lucida) had 2 hits and 0 comments.

Meet Ammiel and Micah (MS Sans Serif) had 7 hits and 2 comments.

Naina and Katya in North America (News Gothic) had 13 hits and 4 comments.

The Odd One Out (Optima) had 12 hits and 5 comments.

Paternity Warfare (Palatino) had 10 hits and 4 comments.

Quintina’s Birthday (Quay Sans) had 10 hits and 3 comments.

Rendezvous with Destiny (Rockwell) had 3 hits and 1 comment.

The Sacrifice of Gemma (Skia) had 11 hits and 4 comments.

Trading in His Shelter for Danger (Tahoma) had 8 hits and 3 comments. And if anyone were wondering, the song I took the title from was “The Seventh Stranger.”

Union with a Snake (Underwood Champion) had 13 hits and 5 comments.

Valentine and Ajax (Verdana) had 11 hits and 4 comments.

Who Will Stand, Who Will Fall? (Weekdays Roman Slant) had 20 hits and 8 comments.

A Xenial Welcome (Xenon Medium) had 19 hits and 7 comments.

Young Wives of Wildwood (Young) had 23 hits and 9 comments.

Zofia Stirs Up Trouble (Zapf Elliptical) had 13 hits and 5 comments.

Of the fonts used, 8 were ones I downloaded, 14 were serif fonts, 12 were sans-serif fonts, and 3 were typewriter-style fonts. Of the decades covered, 10 took place in the 1920s, 1 took place in the 1930s, 6 took place in the 1940s, 1 took place in the 1950s, 3 took place in the 1960s, and 5 took place in the 1990s.

Four were written in the 1990s, 7 were written in the Aughts, and 15 were written in this decade. Seven were from Atlantic City books, 11 were from my Russian novels, 3 were from my contemporary historical family saga, and 5 were about my Shoah characters, both during and after the War. I wrote 13 in Word 2004 on this computer, handwrote 6, wrote 1 in AppleWorks on a 2004 eMac, wrote 1 in Word98 on a ’96 Mac, wrote 2 in MacWriteII on the ’93 Mac, and wrote 3 in ClarisWorks on ’96 and ’99 Macs.

I’ve already got ideas for themes for at least two more years!

14 thoughts on “A to Z Reflections Post

  1. Nice reflection post! I didn’t schedule any of my posts, but I’m used to flying by the seat of my pants. At least I had a theme this year, unlike my first year where I flew by my pants AND had no theme 😉


  2. Congratulations on completing the challenge. I keep reading mixed- thoughts on bloggers’ participation. It sounds like, almost exclusively, it was a challenge that was fun but took a lot of time away from writing (for the writer blogs I kept up with). I’m glad it was a success for you and you are already excited for the next several years!


  3. Hi! Visiting from the Reflections links 🙂 I must admit the whole experience was new to me – had never taken part in a blog challenge before! And only found the challenge 24 hours before it started. I wasn’t very good with the etiquette for the first few days, but hopefully made up for it – I’ve never visited so many blogs! With a years notice I plan to be much more organised for the next challenge, I now even know how to schedule a post – yep never done that before either! I have learnt so much this month and enjoyed taking part 🙂
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe


  4. Wow! You’ve already thought two years out? Goodness, if I had that much spare brain….

    Yeah, I think not prewriting your posts is basically A-Z Challenge suicide. I probably spent two to four hours a day just reading and commenting. Yikes. I can’t imagine how dead I’d be if I tried to compose them all the same day too!


  5. Nice reflection post!! I’ve never done the A-Z challenge before because it all just seems so overwhelming to me, but scheduling posts in advance would definitely help with that. Maybe I’ll give it a try next year!!!


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