Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share 8 sentences from a published book or WIP. This week I’m taking a break from the WIP I’ve been excerpting to bring you something from my earliest non-shelved Atlantic City book.

It came to my attention that 7 April 2013 is my 20th anniversary of finishing the rough draft of the first book in my Max’s House series, which began as a spin-off of my original (now permanently shelved) Atlantic City series. While this book has had a lot of revisions and additions over the years, a lot of the original material still needs deletion and radical rewriting. It’s definitely not suit for querying or e-publication just yet!

The book is set from June-September 1941, a summer vacation Max and his cousin Elaine will never forget. Max’s father gets divorced, promptly remarries his longtime secret mistress (who’s already pregnant and who has three daughters), and forces everyone on a family vacation to his new wife’s summer house. Vacation abruptly ends for Max, his older sister Tiffany, and Elaine on the first day, when they sass Max’s stepmother. Mr. Seward, in a rage, sends them home to Atlantic City to fend for themselves the rest of summer, and it’s the beginning of some wild and crazy adventures.

This is from the beginning of the book, when Mr. Seward casually drops the bomb about his divorce.


“Everyone, come to the living room at once for a special announcement!” Mr. Seward bellowed.

Max and Elaine looked at one another and then obediently went into the living room.  Max’s fifteen-year-old sister Tiffany and his two little brothers, five-year-old Harold and four-year-old Gene, were taking their places on the davenport and looking curiously at Mr. Seward.

“Shortly before you got home from school, Clara and I signed divorce papers.  I’ve been given complete custody of you, and that fat adulteress has already moved out, hopefully never to return.”

“What?” Max demanded. “You’re gonna deliver such shocking news and then just act like it’s no big deal?  I’m glad you’re not a doctor, ‘cause I can tell you’d have horrible bedside manner!”

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