Welcome back to Weekend Writing Warriors, where participants share 8 sentences from a book or WIP. I’ve been sharing from a hiatused WIP with the working title Malchen and Pali, an early 1950s love story between two young immigrants with somewhat different wartime experiences.

Pali came to America in 1942 via Switzerland, before his native Hungary was occupied by the Nazis, thus escaping the worst. Malchen was unable to leave occupied Europe, and eventually went through six camps by the age of twelve and a half. She’s just told Pali they shouldn’t get married because she was sterilized, and begged him to find someone new, someone who can have kids.


Malchen got up. “I’ll show myself out.  And you must surely realize that we shouldn’t ever see each other again.”

Pali stood dumbfounded as she ran to the door and went out into the night, running down the darkened streets.  After several seconds that seemed like years, he left the house too and began running after her, calling her name.  In the dark he lost sight of her, and began running up and down side streets trying to find her, all the while having to push past trick-or-treaters in his way.

Fifteen minutes later he found her crumpled up on the grassy part of the curb, sobbing hysterically, her face turned against a tree.  She refused to look at him when he gently touched her on the shoulder.

9 thoughts on “WeWriWa—“I’ll show myself out”

  1. So glad he followed her! I hope he tells her that he still wants to marry her and that she says yes. Probably won’t be that simple, but that’s what I’m rooting for.


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