For the final Six Sentence Sunday, I thought it would be appropriate to share the ending of the meat of my magnum opus Cinnimin. While 99% of this book (to eventually span 12 volumes covering 1941-2050) is handwritten, this is one of the handful of sections that’s computer-generated. I wanted to get Cinni’s death out of the way and not have to constantly dread it the closer it got. Though there are two brief afterwords after this, showing Cinni being escorted to the other world and being reunited with all her friends and relatives, this is it as far as the meat of the saga goes.

The final Part is called “And Cinnimin Lived,” in homage to the Torah portion called Chayei Sarah, The Life of Sarah, which focuses on the fact that Sarah lived, not that she died. I styled a lot of the language on Biblical and mythological genealogies and stories, one final accounting of all the characters, their fates, and who begot whom. The final lines were modeled on the last lines of Deuteronomy 34, the final section of the Torah.

Cinnimin dies on 7 December 2050, exactly 109 years after the story began, the day Pearl Harbor was bombed.


She was one hundred twenty years old at the time of her death, her eyesight undimmed and her mind still as sharp as a pin.

Cinnimin’s children, grandchildren, and other descendants bewailed their matriarch’s passing for thirty days and thirty nights, unable to believe the woman who had led their family for so many decades and generations was now no more.  Levon in particular could not get over the loss of his wife, whom he still saw in his mind’s eye as the vivacious eleven-year-old he’d met at the Seward mansion on May 5, 1942, not as the elderly woman she’d become.

The period of mourning for Cinnimin came to an end.  Following the period of mourning, her granddaughters Livia Irene Filliard O’Malley, Viktoria Natálya Kevorkian, and Carolina Maria Kevorkian stepped into her shoes as the family’s matriarchs; and since they were cut from the same cloth as their revered matriarch, the other members of the family, regardless of age, heeded them and did as they said.

Never again did there arise in the annals of WTCOAC history a woman the likes of Cinnimin Rebecca Filliard Kevorkian, who lived through twelve decades of history, produced six younger generations in her lifetime, was the ninth reincarnation and a direct descendant of WTCOAC Woman, and who, along with her friends and family, fulfilled all of the prophecies of her twelve-greats-grandmother Charlotte Rebecca Lennon.

14 thoughts on “Final Six Sentence Sunday—And Cinnimin Lived

  1. I love that you write by hand, too. The quality of the slower writing pace shows. What a great tribute to Cinnimin.


  2. Such a fitting ending for the last SSS. Thank you for all of your support week after week through SSS. Keep in touch! 🙂


  3. Great way to end this SSS. It has the presence of a pronouncement, a finality that wraps everything up, but also shows that there is life afterwards. But I expect to see you each week on the other SSS–Sweet Saturday Sample. And perhaps on another iteration of this one–I’m already signed up for Skye Warren’s. 🙂


  4. A fitting selection for the last Six Sentence Sunday. I’ve enjoyed your entries each week.

    A small note. In the second paragraph you use the word matriarch twice in the same sentence. Might want to change one of those. Other than that, I absolutely love it.


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