Today, 29 November, makes it 11 years since the world lost George Harrison. I still remember the day after in detail, the day the world found out. It was a Friday, and it was raining. That was also my year-anniversary for the Who album Odds and Sods.

Everyone has a different reaction to bad news. Some people will immediately burst into tears, while others go into denial, others have a delayed reaction, and others just don’t want to deal with it. In my case, I couldn’t really cry for a long time, since this wasn’t a shock. Everyone knew George was dying. This didn’t come out of the blue, as when John Entwistle passed away 7 months later.

I was disgusted to hear of what one of George’s doctors did as he was dying, leading his hand over to a guitar to force a signature. The poor fellow barely even knew who he was anymore or how to write, but some stupid autographed guitar mattered more to him than the patient he was treating. Obviously not as vile as the would-be assassin who went after George with a knife on New Year’s Eve 1999, but it’s still a callous act.

George is my favorite solo Beatle for too many reasons to count, among them:

He was such a deeply spiritual person, and yet not sectarian or preachy (contrary to what certain people think).

He did all he could to help the starving people of Bangladesh.

He did a lot of good work for UNICEF.

He proved that still waters run very, very deep.

He had such a beautiful personal relationship with the Divine.

All Things Must Pass and Living in the Material World are some of the most beautiful, spiritual albums ever.

He remained interested in Indian music, philosophy, and religion even long after it was no longer a trend among Western hippies. It shows his interest was serious and genuine, not based on popular fads of the day.

He had such a beautiful soul and a kind heart.

He didn’t crave the limelight, and was content to live away from the media.

His 1979 eponymous album is so full of joy, happiness, and inner-peace.

He had so much faith in humanity to do the right thing and positively change the world, and ourselves.

He had such a positive, upbeat attitude.

May you rest in eternal peace with Our Sweet Lord, dear Georgiekins, and may your beautiful memory be for an eternal blessing. The world is a better place because you were in it for 58 years, and I feel so blessed we got to share Planet Earth for 21 years and 11 months.

3 thoughts on “In memory of George

  1. Ohhh… this was such a beautiful tribute, Carrie-Anne… If all of us could be so giving! And I’m one of those people who have a delayed response to tragedy… it takes a while to hit me.


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