Six Sentence Sunday—An Oldie But a Goodie

Today’s snippet for Six Sentence Sunday is a little bit different. Today, 25 November, marks the 21st anniversary of starting my first Atlantic City book. The first series I wrote with these people is permanently shelved, but over the years, I’ve transplanted the strongest/best material into my other Atlantic City books set during the same timeline.

This came right from the horrible first book. It’s now in the 6th book in my Max’s House series, about midway through. Max threw a huge New Year’s party to welcome 1943 while the adults were away, and got into a huge accident with his father’s new car. Max, his cousin Elaine, and their friends are physically fine, but the car is not, and their frenemy Samantha has been taken to the hospital for severe burns. Max isn’t even old enough to legally drive either!

Now that the adults have been notified by the police, his father is unleashing his legendary temper.


“Maxwell Stanley Seward, Jr.!  You know you’re not allowed to give parties such as this!  Everybody out at once!  I’d tan your hide, had you handled the accident less maturely!  Three thousand dollars to install those four speakers in May too!  THAT WAS MY CAR!” he boomed.

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