This week’s topic for the Express Yourself meme is:

What would your playlist sound like? Writers can do a WIP or book playlist and non-writers can do a life playlist. You can also mix and match.

As I’ve written about a number of times, my majority playlist for my Russian novel sequel ended up inspiring the dramatic (not-yet-written) penultimate final chapter of my contemporary historical WIP. That’s the story behind my current banner, and I’m still trying to find people to interview for that chapter!

A life playlist might look like:

Though John will always be my favorite Beatle, George is my favorite solo Beatle. His life and music mean so much to me. George’s life was proof that sometimes the dark horse wins the race, even if it takes a bit longer for you to come into your own and get recognition. (He had severe laryngitis when he recorded this song.)

This is another of George’s quintessential songs, just summing up so much of what his life was all about, and carrying a powerful message for all of us. I can really relate to not being on the path you thought you should be on, but knowing that you’ll get to where you want to be eventually.

Frank Sinatra was said to be the quintessential Sagittarian man. In spite of my overwhelming preference for classic rock, I do make some exceptions. I became a Duranie last year, and I’ve always really loved Frank’s music. Some people might call it oppositional, but sometimes you just have to do things your way instead of how everyone wants you to.

There are so many parallels between John Entwistle and George Harrison, including how they were both The Quiet One of their respective bands. So many people have been shocked when they discover that I’m very deep beneath my quiet exterior. My editor at the newspaper I used to work for was blown away when she found out how long some of my books are. They never expect someone who’s so quiet to be the exact opposite with the written word.

This is from Side 4 of the double album Another Scoop. Don’t even ask.

Even though I practice a blend of Conservative and Orthodox Judaism (hoping to be officially Orthodox someday), this really sums up my personal beliefs about the Divine. This is such a beautiful, universal, non-sectarian prayer anyone can say Amen to. It’s so obvious I didn’t start living a Jewish life till I was 18. Someone raised with Yiddishkeit from the jump probably wouldn’t be so into things like Halloween, Eastern philosophy, and Hindu mythohistory! I’m not one of those people who became frum and then totally forgot about her former life.

My first musical love! When my fellow Monkeemaniacs and I talk about how great this band is, we’re talking about songs like “Shades of Gray,” not the commercial pop songs that are overplayed on oldies radio. I still can’t believe my beautiful Davy is no longer on the earthly plane.

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