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This week for Six Sentence Sunday, I’m taking a Halloween-inspired detour and sharing something from a hiatused WIP called Green Sunrise, set primarily in Hudson Falls, NY, between 1974-77. It’s the book between Little Ragdoll and Justine Grown Up, and is sort of intended as a transitional point in my contemporary historical family saga.

It’s Halloween 1974, and 22-year-old Ernestine and her best friend Deirdre have insisted on dressing up and going trick-or-treating when they accompany their sisters, nieces, and nephews around the neighborhood. Now they’ve arrived back at home for some grownup Halloween fun.

Ernestine is dressed as a sexy saloon girl. The first paragraph demonstrates how sometimes it’s possible and grammatically correct to use past tense in an otherwise present tense story.


A few people looked askance at Ernestine’s costume, a purple corset attached to a very short skirt with black fringes, fishnets, her one pair of heels, black lace glovelets, a dark pink leg garter, and a big purple feather on her head, but no one held back candy from someone obviously adult enough to be parading around in such a sexual costume.  At least Deirdre resisted the urge to make her female pirate costume into something sexy or revealing.

“Next year I think I’m gonna be a sexy French maid,” Ernestine announces as she kicks off her heels the minute they get inside. “I think it’s a blessing in disguise that we were cheated outta proper Halloweens growing up, ‘cause when you’re a kid, you can’t get away with wearing fun costumes like this.  Plus they hadn’t had women’s lib and the sexual revolution yet when we were kids.  I probably woulda gotten stoned for wearing something like this out in public.”

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