Fellow GUTGAA participant Rebecca Enzor is holding her second annual PonyFest. I remember having seen an announcement of PonyFest11 during Rachael Harrie’s Platform-Building Campaign last fall, and loved the idea, but never got around to participating.

I love horses and ponies (and feel compelled to point out that all ponies are considered horses, just as all toads are considered frogs, just with a different criteria). I’m a Sagittarius, so my love of equines is in my blood. Here’s a pony I created for the protagonist of my contemporary historical WIP, Justine Anastasie Troy (later Ryan).

Justine was the baby sister of Little Ragdoll (the saga I was sharing excerpts from every Saturday till recently). In the third book of the family saga, she ages from 20 to 25. One-sentence description of Justine Grown Up:

Justine’s longtime dream comes true when she and David reconnect at SUNY Albany and fall in love, but her family has a hard time letting go of their idea of her as the precious family baby—until her young nieces become Duranies, and an unexpected opportunity opens up for Justine to finally prove once and for all to her family that she’s a responsible, capable, mature adult.

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