Six Sentence Sunday—Visit Repaid

In last week’s Six Sentence Sunday post, Jozef Roblensky stopped by to see his slightly older crush Svetlana Juric at the library where she works. He spent a long time talking to her behind the desk before finally getting a library card, which earned the attention of other library patrons and Svetlana’s co-workers. One of her co-workers later suggested Jozef might have a crush on her, but Svetlana told her co-worker that she doesn’t trust men after certain things that happened during the war. Still, she takes her co-worker’s suggestion to surprise Jozef at his own workplace.

The HIAS is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which used to have branches in a lot more cities.  Today it’s mostly based out of New York City.


On late Wednesday afternoon, Svetlana showed up at the HIAS and asked the receptionist if she knew where Jozef Roblensky’s office was located, or what area of the building he might be stationed in at the moment.  She was told that he usually was to be found either with the orphans in a room on the third floor or in an office downstairs, where he processed paperwork from people who were trying to immigrate.  After hanging up her coat and scarf, she first went up to the orphans’ room, thinking up a lie to use when he asked her what she was doing there.

He turned and looked up when he saw her walking into the room and looking around for a pretended child she was supposedly looking for.  Though she wore an ankle-length skirt as always, she had on a more form-fitting blouse, deep red, with a delicate black shawl draped around her upper body.  Now that she wasn’t wearing loose-fitting clothes hiding her body, he could see she had very voluptuous curves.

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