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What If Sita Dumped Rama? (and International Left-Handed Awareness Day)

Happy International Left-Handed Awareness Day! If you have the time, feel free to read last year’s post on the holiday. The TLDR version: Handedness is not as cut and dried as the hand one writes with, and is a lot more complex and multi-definitional. Lefties have been unjustly persecuted and forcibly switched throughout history, and this tragically continues in many cultures today. If you’re predominantly left-handed, left-handed mixed, truly ambidextrous, or even non-right-handed, do what feels natural instead of letting other people try to make you do things with your right hand because they think it’s easier, or because “everyone does it.” You also shouldn’t use anti-left-handed language that’s survived into the modern era, like “left-handed compliment.” Thank God, today there are so many more resources, supplies, and equipment made for us, like scissors, knives, pens, and watches.

Today begins the What If? Fairytale Madness Blogfest, hosted by Cassie Mae, Mark Koopmans, Leigh Covington, and Morgan Shamy. To participate, pick one of the following categories:

Best Love Story

Best Tragedy

Best Plot Twist

Best Comic Relief

and write a scene that alters the whole story, based on just changing one detail, such as:

A plot twist? (Cinderella gets knocked up by the Carriage Driver…)

An unknown romance that comes to light? (Snow White dumps the Prince for Grumpy…)

A tragic loss occurs? (The Three Little Pigs are too late to save their house…)

A little comic relief? (Hansel and Gretel win a trip on Euro Rail, sponsored in part by M&M’s…)

Scenes must be PG-13 or under, and no more than 300 words.


Leigh is offering: Save the Cat, by Blake Snyder

Morgan is offering: A FULL manuscript critique!

Cassie Mae is offering: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Mark is offering: A $25 Hawaiian care package (incl. $5 USPS Priority Shipping) Winner can choose from any number of small items such as candy, trinkets, Kona Coffee, etc.

I wanted to do one of the Grimms’ fairytales (since that was the first book I ever read, at age three), “The Scarlet Flower,” by Sergey Aksakov (the Russian version of “Beauty and the Beast”), or The Ramayana. I chose The Ramayana, because I love ancient Indian mythohistory and Hinduism. I hope I don’t offend any Hindus by calling it a fairytale, but a number of people have called it as much, even some Hindus themselves. Just compare it to The Mahabharata, which was written 5,000 years later, and you’ll see The Ramayana has far more elements of a fairytale world and characters.

I chose the Best Love Story category because so much of what I write has romantic elements, and because if Sita were a real woman, she’d probably want to have some romantic attention during her ordeal. Though there are different versions of the ending, when Sita famously immolates herself, Rama is still way out of line accusing her of cheating. It would kind of serve him right if she had dumped him while he was taking his merry old time rescuing her!

Vibhishana is the righteous younger brother of the evil demon king Ravana, and becomes king of Lanka after his evil brother is overthrown and killed.


Sita’s heart skipped a beat when she saw Vibhishana entering her room.  She’d always lowered her gaze to avoid looking at any other man but her husband, but after almost a year in captivity, she couldn’t help herself.

“Would you care to take a walk in the garden, Princess, while there’s a lull in the fighting?  Ravana and his henchmen are too preoccupied with other things to take notice of you missing for a little while.”

“Yes, my lord, that would please me.” Sita stood up and extended her hand.  She suppressed a gasp when she felt sparks of electricity surging through her skin.

Sita felt a spring in her step as they walked outside into the garden in the moonlight.  Right now, Vibhishana looked so handsome her heart ached, and she wondered what it would be like to be his.

“Rama is taking his good old time in rescuing me,” she moped. “Am I that unimportant to him that he had to help some monkeys and then wait four months during monsoon season before even starting to look for me?  He’s never even given me children.”

“No, he doesn’t appreciate you.” Vibhishana sat down on a bench and pulled Sita down next to him. “And you’re too beautiful and righteous to be denied the love and touch of a man for so long.”

Sita’s whole body tingled with delight and desire as Vibhishana slipped his arms around her and kissed her.  She forgot reserve and ran her hands along his back, face, and hair.

“I love you, Sita.  I want you to be my second wife.  Sarama has no problem having you as her co-wife.  As soon as this war is over, we’ll celebrate both my coronation and our wedding.”

“Yes, Vibhishana, I’ll marry you and divorce Rama!”


My thorough summary and review of The Ramayana.


Writer of historical fiction sagas and series, with elements of women's fiction, romance, and Bildungsroman. Born in the wrong generation on several fronts.

11 thoughts on “What If Sita Dumped Rama? (and International Left-Handed Awareness Day)

  1. I love the setting! And the time period! “And you’re too beautiful and righteous to be denied the love and touch of a man for so long.” <—-This totally made me swoon! Nice work, Carrie-Anne! 😀


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