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Happy birthday to my character Adicia Éloïse Carson, née Troy! The (beyond-words awful) discontinued original first draft has her birthday as 5 April, but when I was going back from scratch and memory 16.5 years after last doing any work on the book, I decided to make her a Cancer, my favoritest Astrological sign. And 11 is my lucky number, my master Life Number in Western Numerology. So 11 July it was. If Adicia were real, she’d be 58 today, but I see her as perpetually young in my mind, never aging much beyond her twenties.

Today’s theme of the Buccaneer Blogfest is centered on participants’ blogging origins. I began this particular blog last March (2011), but I had a comparatively popular site on Angelfire from January 2002 to September 2010. I also had a short-lived, never-deleted blog in between, which I’d hoped to use to document a possible journey into Orthodoxy. That blog was abandoned in frustration when the only comment I ever got was a spammy one from some zealot who was well-known at that time for trying to force people to read his extremist right-wing diatribe against non-Orthodox Judaism and Arabs in Israel.

My Angelfire site was shut down without any warning, but Baruch Hashem I did manage to recover over a thousand files while they were still cached. Some of the other pieces on that site were transcribed from journal entries and my freeverse past life poems, so I still had the originals of those no matter what. Let’s just say some mentally unbalanced pre-Vatican II wingnut wasn’t happy at something I wrote which criticized her creepy blog (still the creepiest site I’ve ever seen), and she got her sycophantic friends all worked up about it.

Some of these people were so pissed off at me that they had my site reported, and the entire thing was deleted instead of just the “offending” posting. If only these people had seen some of the even more critical comments about her blog when it’s been linked to and ridiculed on other sites and message boards! I had to laugh when the wingnut wrote a second posting about it, and said she’d read some of my other posts and “found out” I was celibate and wanted 8 kids. Clearly this woman was NOT reading posts that were anywhere near current, since I stopped wanting 8 kids quite a few years ago, and finally made my belated sexual debut at the relatively high age of 28. I’m not an antique virgin or celibate anymore, and I’d probably be happiest with an only child!

My goals for this blog have been to make it a primarily writing-based blog, instead of having such a panoply of topics as my Angelfire site had. I had well over a thousand postings on it by the end, on topics as diverse as album reviews, music, books, book reviews, poems, politics, religion, social issues, personal viewpoints, silent film, animal rights, Jerry Springer, Maury, you name it. And as my fellow pointed out around the time of this fiasco with the wingnut and her friends, I’d really been neglecting my fiction writing during all these years of writing for that website.

Of course I’d kept writing Cinnimin, my handwritten magnum opus, begun the 12th Max’s House book, and written/started a number of my collections of stories about my Shoah characters (which I’m slowly transforming into full-length books instead of periodic interludes for my Atlantic City books), but I hadn’t really written any full-length books in some time. They were all held hostage on obsolete file formats on discs, and I hadn’t started or gotten back to anything else either, only Cinnimin.

So the loss of my belovèd website inspired me to go back to Adicia’s story so many years later, and finally take my long-deferred dream of publication off the back burner. And in the months after finishing Adicia’s story, I began the painstaking process of converting and reformatting all those old files, among them my Russian novel. And while I was querying Adicia’s story last spring, I began this website, partly to document my search for an agent. I’ve since begun using it to discuss my writing, writing in general, and from time to time other topics dear to my heart, like silent film, classic rock, and world literature.

Ultimately, I’d like to acquire a relatively respectable regular following, and see at least one comment on every post. I’ve worked hard to make my average post under a thousand words, and I’m trying not to post every single day so I can attract more comments and followers. I’ve always been who I am, a serious intellectual who was born in the wrong generation on several fronts, and I don’t think I’ll ever regularly have short and snappy posts in lieu of longer ones that go into topics in a fair amount of depth. But I would like to at least attract more followers and build more regular comments, not just when I participate in blogfests and bloghops.

6 thoughts on “Buccaneer Blogfest—Blogging Origins

  1. It is unfortunately the nature of the internet to offer speaking time to the best among us, but also the absolute worst as well. Congratulations on hanging in there through it all.


  2. Mankind is filled with people anything but kind. Blogging is like talking on an old-fashioned telephone party line. No telling who is listening, or how loosely wrapped they are!


  3. I used to be obsessed with comments and gaining more followers. Well, up until last month! I’d like a regular following also but ultimately, you have to be true to yourself. Afterall, it is YOUR blog:-) So just be you and the rest will fall into place. ~Cheers!


  4. Now you’ve made me curious about when my characters celebrate their birthdays.

    That wingnut sounds like something else. I’m sorry you had to go through that, but at least you’re steadily writing now.


  5. Hey and welcome to the blogfest! And a query critique thing might be a good idea. I don’t know what… but it would be fun. Amateur Authors Anonymous or something haha.


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