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Wednesdays in Blog Me MAYbe are themed “May I ask you a question?” This week I’d like to ask about who you’d dedicated, or want to dedicate, your books to.

A few of my dedications:

Little Ragdoll (Adicia’s Bildungsroman):

To the real little girl who inspired The Four Seasons’ song “Rag Doll”


To anyone who was ever a dark horse or different from the others.

The Very First:

To those who were real-life rescuers like Holden Grigóriy Filliard, people without whom the real-life versions of the Brandts and many more would not have told their stories.

And Jakob Flew the Fiend Away:

I want to dedicate this one to the good people of Holland who were in the resistance instead of being active or silent collaborators, and to all my fellow limpers, past, present, and future.

Justine Grown Up:

Given the dramatic events of the as-yet-unwritten penultimate final chapter, “Sing Blue Silver Snowstorm,” I thought it would be a very fitting idea to dedicate it to the Duranies and their chauffeurs who braved that snowstorm in March of 1984 in Hartford. Little did I know, back when I created Justine as a 6-month-old baby in July of ’93, what I’d someday put her through as a 25-year-old woman!

But I know Justine can handle it. She loves her three nieces and Sarah’s daughter Nessa too much not to drive them all that way to a concert in a snowstorm, while she’s having mild contractions, and then drive back across state lines while she’s in active labor. (Her water breaks during the concert.) Justine knows she’s got to get all four girls and her pregnant self back in one piece to Hudson Falls as the ultimate way of proving she’s a true grownup who can handle extremely difficult challenges.

And I’ve long thought it would be a cute idea to dedicate some of my Atlantic City books to the long-ago initial inspirations for some of the original cast of characters, like “To the real Helouise,” “To the real Dan,” and “To the real Ariania.”

7 thoughts on “Questions on book dedications

  1. I will definitely dedicate my first published novel to my husband because he’s been so incredibly supportive! And the next, maybe to my grandmother who turned me on to writing in the first place. I try not to think too much about these things though because it feels like counting my chickens, yanno? 🙂


  2. Excellent question. One of the people I would dedicate my novel to is my fabulously supportive email pal who has become something of a CP for my writing. Also my husband, who reads my pieces aloud so I can hear how they sound. Finally would it sound narcissitic to say I’d want to dedicate it to the younger me who so wanted to be an author?


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