This week’s excerpt for Sweet Saturday Samples comes from Chapter 43 of Adicia’s story, “‘Don’t Get Above Your Raising.'” Adicia’s friendship with Ricky has been discovered by her oldest sister Gemma’s busybody ex-aunt-in-law Mrs. Rossi, who promptly ran and told Adicia’s mother. Now their friendship has been discovered by Allen, who caught them eating lunch together, accused Ricky of being a limousine liberal who can’t really care about Adicia, and forced Adicia to come home with him. Now he can’t believe his own wife and sisters are all against him. Then, after the argument has ended, Adicia finally reaches a milestone she thought would never come.


“Oh, come on, Allen, let her enjoy the attentions of a boy who likes her,” Lenore jumps in. “If he’s legit, he’ll get the message soon that Adicia only wants friendship and stop tryna pursue it.  He won’t be the first guy who’s ever had a romantic disappointment.  He can move onto a girl who wants to be his girlfriend and continue just getting to know Adicia as a friend.  Is he handsome?”

“He’s pretty cute,” Adicia admits. “Beautiful deep brown eyes and dark brown wavy hair.  He’s about a foot taller than me, though most guys are.  He’s nineteen.”

Lenore smiles at her excitedly. “How exciting!  An older guy likes you!  I wish Allen hadn’t insisted on being such a damn gentleman and waiting till I was eighteen to tell me he loved me.  There’s not much difference between seventeen and nineteen.”

“She’s not even eighteen yet,” Allen says, unable to believe his wife and both of his sisters are against him.

“It’s not like he’s forty or she’s twelve.  I think it’s usually better if a girl gets a boyfriend or husband who’s a little older than her.  An older man can take care of you and support you and your future family better.”

“Most of the other guys in my senior class are pretty immature and not guys I wanna date or even be friends with,” Adicia nods. “And I just discovered today that he’s a fellow southpaw.”

“No way!” Justine says. “That makes thirteen of us!”

“What’s his full name?” Lenore asks.

“Warrick Grover Carson.  Poor guy got three surnames in a row.”

“Carson is an English surname, isn’t it?” Allen asks.

“Are you tryna tell me I can’t even be friends with someone from a different ancestry?  What about the Ryans?  You were just suggesting David is a perfect match for me!”

“Well, you have to admit English immigrants haven’t had much of a bum deal.  Even his ancestors probably weren’t poor.”

“You wanted her to go out with David?” Lenore asks in amusement. “Even if she moved Upstate or he moved back here, he’s practically her brother!  The two of them knew each other since they were seven years old!”

“In the last pictures you showed us, I noticed he’s kinda cute, but if he or Adicia ever liked each other, they kept it top secret,” Justine says.

You think he’s cute?” Allen demands. “You’ll only be thirteen in March!”

“So? I can’t start noticing boys at my age?”

“He’s five years older than you!”

“I hope you don’t act this crazy and overprotective when Irene and Amelia are old enough to start noticing boys and getting date offers,” Lenore says.

Adicia gets up to go to the bathroom, a nagging cramp in the bottom of her stomach.  She assumes her stomach is all in knots from the argument and having her meeting with Ricky crashed so rudely, but she freezes when she pulls her skirt down and sees a blood stain.  This is only about four or five years overdue, she thinks as she creeps up to the door and looks around.  When she sees Allen is in the kitchen, preparing an early supper for the girls, she leans out and quietly calls for Lenore.

“What is it, sweetie? Are you getting sick?”

“I need your help,” she whispers in mortification, hoping Allen stays put in the kitchen.

Lenore leaves Justine to watch television and goes to Adicia in the bathroom. “If you’re having a stomach ache…” Her voice trails off when she sees the blood stain.

“Do you have any safety pins or something that can hold a napkin in place till I get home and can put on a belt?”

“Oh, sweetie, you’re finally a real woman!  I was starting to think this day would never come!” Lenore hugs her. “Now you can make babies!”

“Not till I’m married, I hope.”

“This is onea the things that separates girls from women.  I’m so glad I was here when you finally had this rite of passage.  It’s like pregnancy, birth, and your first consensual sex.  Now you know what the big mysterious secret is all about.  Seventeen is on the late end, but better late than never, right?”

“Are you crying, Lenore?”

“I’ve known you since you were eight years old.  Watching you and your sisters grow up has been a really special thing for me.  You were a little girl when I met you, and now you’re a full woman.”

“Please don’t tell Allen.”

“He doesn’t hafta know. Particularly not after what a beast he was to you today.  In the meantime, you can borrow some of my napkins.  Wait till you see what kind they are.”

“Those look like ordinary sanitary napkins to me,” Adicia scoffs when Lenore pulls out a box from under the sink.

“Just wait till you take one out of the box.  These are really special.”

Adicia looks at it closely on both sides. “What’s so special about it?  Are these somea those flushable ones?”

“You don’t need a belt to wear these!” Lenore whispers happily. “They have adhesive strips on the back!”

“No way!  They finally invented something you can just stick on and not use pins or a belt for?”

“You can take the whole box with you if you’d like.  As we both know, I won’t be needing any of ‘em for another eight months.”

“You’re the best sister-in-law ever. You’re the best thing we ever found at a bus stop.”

“Nothing in this world ever happens by chance. And just like it was destiny that I met you and Allen at that bus stop nine and a half years ago, it might very well be destiny that you met that cute older rich boy.  Time will only tell just why you met him when you met him.”

5 thoughts on “Sweet Saturday Samples

  1. Parents should not interfere with their children’s friendships. I been there – mother said don’t see him so of course i did —and I hate snobbery of any kind. Good sample


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