Ziessen Pesach and Happy Easter!

This week in Six Sentence Sunday, Violet is explaining to her daughter-in-law Rubi what happened to Ainsworth. Rubi was on another floor helping Violet’s granddaughter Clementine with something and suddenly heard sirens. After this, Ainsworth gets even loopier and insists he wants to heal himself through the power of his own mind, not medicine.


“It’s that bonehead Ainsworth yet again!” Violet shouted. “He got it into his head to lay down on the road to try to stop the vans, and someone making a left turn didn’t know there was a lunatic on the road. Now this bozo is being loaded into an ambulance because that car ran him over!”

“All that for some damn farm animals!” Portia said in disgust. “Even someone Mikey’s age knows not to play in traffic!”

“Is he stupid?” Rubi asked.

11 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. I looked for a way to email you, but didn’t see a way. I don’t know if it’s my browser or your site design, but I don’t see your name anywhere but in URL. Are you trying to be anonymous? It’s not in the header, in your bio on the home page, or on “About Me.” How are readers supposed to know who you are?


    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t see any widgets that would let me put an e-mail in my sidebar, but I guess it’s a good idea to put it in manually. When I had my old Angelfire site, I actually got a number of abusive, vulgar e-mails from someone who was apparently very much in disagreement with the liberal views I expressed on a number of my writings, and some hateful e-mails from some other people, but I suppose that’s far enough in the past by now to put my e-mail out there again. My old site was not primarily writing-based, as this one is, and I’ve taken extra care to not really bring up my political or other personal views. I did enjoy corresponding with and hearing from people who enjoyed my previous site.


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