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This week in Six Sentence Sunday, Ainsworth starts going over the deep end in response to the forced removal of his farm animals and the seizure of the out of control monkey Sunny. It’s not the first time he’s done something this loopy, but this time, there’s a camera crew capturing his bizarre behavior.

Moonbeam is a cow, and Merry is the calf she gave birth to in Violet’s room early on Christmas morning, to Violet’s complete horror, shock, and outrage. Violet hadn’t even known Moonbeam was pregnant or that she’d been having a calf every year to keep up her milk supply!


Violet watched in amusement as Ainsworth began running after the vans, then darted in front of the head van with Moonbeam and Merry. Annoyed, the cop behind the wheel honked at him. Ainsworth refused to get out of the way, even when he was loudly honked at several more times.

The cop rolled down the window at a red light. “Sir, you look like a fool. This is going to be all over the news, and you may not get any visitation rights.”

7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Hi like how this story involves cows for characters and the last line was truly hilarious! Good stuff Carrie Anne!


  2. Fun read as always, and to learn even more crazy stuff that’s happened (calf birthing in poor Violet’s room!) — Will Ainsworth ever realize how crazy he is and what he’s done to his family??


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