Six Sentence Sunday

Sunny is back to cause more trouble this week in Six Sentence Sunday. Violet’s daughter-in-law Rowena and her elderly but very spry and opinionated mother Madeline have retreated to the nursery with some of Violet’s newest grandchildren. The babies include one-year-old Carolina, Rose and Ainsworth’s youngest child, who’s become Sunny’s second obsession after Violet’s engagement ring.


The door was pushed open and Sunny raced in, making a beeline for Carolina. Rowena stood up and tried to distract him, but stepped back in fear when he hissed loudly and spat at her. Madeline managed to scoop up Ulysses and step back into the corner with Rowena, watching in horror as Sunny began hitting Carolina on the head.

“If we scream, he might get worse,” Madeline whispered, handing Ulysses to his aunt and going over to Sunny.

Rowena gasped in shock as Sunny lashed his tail at her 97-year-old grandma-in-law and then scratched her right arm when she tried to pick Carolina up. Sunny then ran out of the room carrying the baby.

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