This week in Six Sentence Sunday, 14-year-old George is found by the members of Violet’s household. Sunny, however, has run off to cause more trouble.


George lay on the floor, breathing shallowly as blood ran down his face, with deep claw marks on the left side of his face. Sunny meanwhile was nowhere to be found.

“Look what that damn primate did this time!” Violet yelled at Ainsworth. “Yeah, your nephew ain’t that tall, assertive, or masculine, but he does have a handsome face that might be ruined!”

“Who cares how attractive you think he is!” Rose yelled. “George could’ve been killed regardless!”

14 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. She’s worried about how he’ll look, oh my! Great six and thanks for letting us know what happened next 🙂


    1. Violet hasn’t changed much in certain regards since I first created her as a young girl, that’s for sure! Even now that she’s in her sixties and a great-grandma, she’s still very much about looks, appearance, and reputation.


    1. By this point, the only person who wants to keep the monkey is Violet’s hippie son-in-law Ainsworth. Ainsworth is going to be in for a major surprise when Violet finally asserts herself and tells him this is HER home, run by herself, her husband, and her elderly mother, and that he doesn’t get to make rules or bring in whatever animals he feels like!


  2. I’ve walked into the middle of a story that sounds interesting. 🙂 Hi, I stopped by from the campaign trail. A little late, but I wanted to say hi.


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