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In addition to the Critique Partners Blogfest, today I’m also participating in the Tumble 4 Ya Blogfest, where participants share a picture, video, or something else of the celebrity who most made them tumble during the Eighties. If you weren’t of crushable age back then, you can still post something celebrating an Eighties celeb who makes you tumble now. Those who know me well know my first musical love was The Monkees, that Davy has always been my favorite, and that I’ve been a loyal Monkeemaniac since 1986, but he’s really a Sixties star who experienced a resurgence in the Eighties.

So may I present the handsome, underrated Roger Andrew Taylor, who unfortunately didn’t get so much attention during the Eighties in spite of his fame and good looks.

Regular readers may remember I sort of ended up listening to a lot of Duran Duran while I was writing The Twelfth Time, the sequel to my Russian novel. Since I was an Eighties kid, of course I always liked them, but as a nostalgia band, not a band band. My majority soundtrack for that book was even more surprising, because my big thing has always been oldies and classic rock, not stuff made in my lifetime by people who got famous in my lifetime. But however it happened, it happened, and now I’m glad it happened, since it provided the inspiration for the (future) dramatic finale of my WIP, Justine Grown Up.

I’m partial to Roger because:

He seems like a really sweet guy.

He avoided the spotlight and later quit the band to focus on his family.

He was the only one who stayed away from drugs.

He’s kept his looks very well, probably the best of any of the other guys in the band. (In contrast, Andy Taylor, who was never exactly handsome during the Eighties, now looks creepy as well as fugly.)

I love drummers.

He’s a Brummie. One of my hobbies is genealogy, so I know one of my great-great-grandmas (my maternal grandma’s maternal grandma) was from Birmingham, England too. (I’m only a sixteenth British, but I’ve always thought that’s where my ghost-white skin comes from, since English people tend to have extremely fair skin!)

His second wife is only 40 to his 51, which is a very appropriate age difference. He’s not one of those older guys who takes some 21-year-old trophy wife.

I love men with dark hair and eyes. Personally, I’ve never really been that into blondes, though there are a handful of exceptions.

He’s the Quiet One of his band, and shy, quiet people seem to attract others of their kind. People who know me in real life are often shocked when they discover how prolifically I write, and how long my non-YA books are, because I’m so quiet. But you know what they say about the quiet ones!

18 thoughts on “Tumble 4 Ya Blogfest

  1. I’ve seen a lot of Duran Duran too. Great choice, I tend to like the quiet ones too. And dark hair is always tops. 🙂
    I’m glad to have discovered your blog through this fest, nice to meet you!


  2. I like your list of reasons — you obviously think before you swoon, a very good trait. I’ve seen a lot of Duran Duran and it’s nice you give Rog his spotlight – cute that someone made a video tribute for him too.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!


  3. Carrie Anne,

    I love your choice and your reasoning behind it. And to highlight the most skin-deep one — I, too, am very partial to dark hair and eyes. Someone else posted a pic of the band from 2011 and you’re right, Roger looks really good!


  4. Yes! Roger! It’s hard to find Roger fans, for sure. My post was DD, the entire band, but Roger was the first on the list. I had always wanted to drum from the time I was in kindergarten, but Roger got me going. My sister played the bass, and we had a couple of bands together, besides being in high school jazz band. I always thought he seemed like a darn nice guy, too.


  5. wahaha! I was a Duranie and my fave was Nigel John Taylor! 😉
    But by the mid 80s I moved Gari Tarn of now defunct Drum Theatre…
    I so love Brit Pop of the 80s, sigh!


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