This week’s snippet for Six Sentence Sunday comes from Max’s House #11: Winter Vacation. This is from the opening of Chapter 3, when town holy roller Urma Smart has decided to crash a Christmas party and let everyone know yet again what she thinks of their “heretical” behavior. She’s also furious because she’s heard her own daughter, niece, and nephew are at this “sinful” party.


“Christmas parties are the work of the Devil!” Urma thundered sternly. “It’s bad enough that Wilton gives ‘em at the school, for both faculty and students, but now grown adults outside of the school doing this!  I go to bed in tears sometimes over the thought that every single person in this godforsaken town except for my family and myself will be going to Hell!”

“Didn’t the security I hired for this party screen you out?” Mr. Scots demanded irately. “I certainly didn’t intend for them to give the go-ahead to the town nut!”

“She probably drugged them like she did to Mr. R. last month,” Violet said.


(P.S.: Happy 93rd birthday to my favorite writer, Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, wherever his soul may now be. He is not only my favorite writer, but one of my heroes and a huge influence on my writing and the reason my Russophilia was reawakened when I was 16.)

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