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Six Sentence Sunday

This week, for Six Sentence Sunday, I’m including something from my second Atlantic City book, The Very Next, set in 1939. This is one of the things I added in when I was transcribing it from the handwritten first draft, and reminds me why I love Quintina’s oldest brother John. He might be only a secondary character, but he’s always great comic relief.


Eighteen-year-old John glanced over at Samantha.  He liked to spy on the neighbors and sometimes take pictures of them in situations that would be great for blackmail, such as Violet trespassing in the Filliards’ vacant lot, but here was a new neighbor he sure as hell would never get much dirt on.  She was so positively boring and fun-hating that it would be a total waste to spy on her.  He was offended when Sam didn’t glance back at him.  All the girls in town had a crush on John Holiday, but apparently his good looks hadn’t even registered on Samantha’s radar screen.  Gurr.


Writer of historical fiction sagas and series, with elements of women's fiction, romance, and Bildungsroman. Born in the wrong generation on several fronts.

5 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. LOL maybe she does like him but it’s a admire-from-afar because she doesn’t want to seem like all the other girls. Nice six!


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