Just the other day I finally got an album I’d bought on eBay, and since it was made in my lifetime, I thought it was time to make a new list and remind myself of all the albums I own made in my lifetime. The vast majority of my records, CDs, and tapes were made before I was born, so it’s nice to have an accounting of my music that isn’t quite so dinosaur. (But given that the Eighties and possibly even the early Nineties are now considered late contemporary historical fiction, it still makes my record collection pretty dinosaur!)

I was born in December 1979, and my only 1979 album I can think of off the top of my head, the self-titled George Harrison (my third-fave of his solo albums, after ATMP and LITMW), came out that February. So, the list starts with albums from 1980 onwards. Almost all of my records are in storage in my fiancé’s parents’ basement, so unfortunately I don’t have them all in front of me for easy reference. Luckily, I have a monster memory!

1. Empty Glass (1980)

2. Double Fantasy (1980)

3. McVicar (1980)

4. Face Dances (1981, and I don’t think it’s nearly as awful as its reputation suggests)

5. Too Late the Hero (1981)

6. Somewhere in England (1981)

7. Kissing to Be Clever (1982, and I only bought it because it was only $2. I think it’s pretty spotty, since most of the songs sound too similar.)

8. It’s Hard (1982, and actually one of my favorite Who albums in spite of its bad reputation)

9. All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (1982)

10. Gone Troppo (1982; haven’t gotten around to playing it yet)

11. Rio (1982)

12. The Concert in Central Park (1982; haven’t gotten around to playing it yet)

13. Who’s Last (1983)

14. Scoop (1983; six of the songs made in my lifetime that I know for sure, if I remember correctly)

15. Seven and the Ragged Tiger (1983)

16. Colour by Numbers (1983)

17. Milk and Honey (1984)

18. Parting Should Be Painless (1984; hit and miss and very unmemorable)

19. Waking Up with the Band on Fire (I mean, Waking Up with the House on Fire) (1984)

20. Under a Raging Moon (1985)

21. White City (1985)

22. Deep End Live! (1986; hit and miss for me)

23. Graceland (1986)

24. Moving Target (1986)

25. Another Scoop (1987; ten of the songs made in my lifetime)

26. Can’t Wait to See the Movie (1987)

27. Cloud Nine (1987)

28. Iron Man (1989)

29. Join Together (1989; a three-LP collection of The Who’s 25th anniversary tour which I was lucky enough to find at Mystery Train Records in Amherst for only $20)

30. Hope + Glory (1992; not shocked to learn it was a complete bomb and didn’t work nearly as well as The Four Seasons’ comeback in the mid-Seventies)

31. Psychoderelict (1993)

32. Brainwashed (2002; hit and miss, even knowing it’s so hard to judge a posthumous album)

I had a few more than I thought. To the best of my memory, these are all the albums I’ve got that were made within my lifetime. There will be some more added over time. I’m most eager to find Roger Daltrey’s 1992 Rocks in the Head, which would complete my collection of his solo albums and which is considered to be one of his best. I guess I’m so into music, movies, and by and large books from previous generations and eras because they’ve been tested by time. If an actor, band, writer, etc., is so great, she, he, or they will still be there to be discovered after the initial trend or wave of popularity, and best of all, you can take advantage of the opportunity to get help from longtime fans who can recommend you which book, movie, or album it’s most ideal to start out with as you’re navigating your journey of becoming a serious fan and learning all about that actor, band, or writer.

(ETA: Simon Townshend’s Moving Target, which I like very much. Pete’s little brother is a talented musician in his own right.)

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