So this is my current workspace. In the past I used desktop computers, and have some of my files for my Atlantic City books on my most recent desktop, primarily the sections with the European/Shoah storylines (to be inserted into various books when that part of the timeline comes up). Part of me misses working on an old-fashioned desktop, the big bulky kind, not the modern type with a long flat screen. I know it’s a lot heavier, doesn’t have as much storage space, doesn’t do as many things, and doesn’t have as many colors, but it just evokes a nostalgic feeling of the computers I grew up on.

I used to have more space to display my belovèd vinyl records. Right now all the rest are in storage in my fiancé’s parents’ basement, and God willing will finally all be at my disposal again when we’ve finally moved into our own place together and I can listen to my records every single day, and display my favorite cover art all around the house. I know I’m a dinosaur for preferring vinyl to CDs and MP3s, and even more so because I’m from a generation that’s supposed to embrace new music technology instead of climbing back for old-fashioned forms. (My vinyl copy of Quad was one of the records I got from my parents’ meager stash, with permission of course. Their musical tastes, at least as reflected in what remained of their record collection, aren’t the same as mine, so they didn’t have that many records I was interested in taking for my own.)

On the one hand, I have photographic proof I own a record made in my lifetime. (I actually have more than just Rio, but those records obviously aren’t here in the picture.) On the other hand, that record is now almost 30 years old, which makes me feel extremely old. I’ve also been feeling old because for the past year or so, Dick Bartley’s Saturday night radio show has been playing and even spotlighting bands and artists from the later Seventies and Eighties. And here I thought most oldies stations and programs generally only played music till about 1974! Shall I reserve my room at the nursing home now?

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